Free DNA Testing For Medicaid And Medicare Patients

Free DNA testing in Atlanta for Medicaid patients.

Attention Medicaid and Medicare Patients

As part of our commitment to spreading cancer awareness and helping the local community, Atlanta Men’s Clinic would like to extend a hand to those in need. As part of our grand opening celebration, from now through the end of the 2018, our clinic will administer FREE DNA Cancer screenings for pre-qualified patients. The lab will handle all of the filing of your Medicaid or Medicare coverage as well as the initial pre-screening qualifications. As part of the qualification process, Patients must have had cancer somewhere in their family history (extended family included). However, all final pre-qualifications will be determined by the labs office.

Atlanta Men’s Clinic will also donate $1 towards cancer research for each patient that gets tested!

This test this may be able to give extremely valuable genetic information to those who are predisposed to cancer. The hereditary test is also a quick, simple, and painless saliva extraction and only takes a few minutes to administer. Your sample will then be sent to a DNA lab where a genetic counselor will contact you to discuss any findings, should they arise, and advise what the proper next steps should be.

We believe that in order to beat this deadly epidemic, communities need to band together in support of those who are suffering. Our clinic is proud to support the men, women and children who are bravely fighting this disease.


Note: Due to the size of our facility, and smaller staff, our clinic will only be able to accept a limited number of patients. We apologize for the inconvenience and will work our best to accommodate as many patients as we can.

For more information or to book an appointment, qualified Medicaid and Medicare patients can email