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Some of the conditions our clinics help treat are:

Atlanta Men’s Clinic offers treatment options for various conditions and overall wellness. Whether you’re suffering from low t symptoms, or are looking to maximize your well being, our staff will help tailor a plan to suit your specific needs.

Low Testosterone

Low testosterone can be caused by a number of factors which can lead to some very serious conditions. Some of the common symptoms of low t can include lower sex drive, being excessively fatigued, weight gain, depression and loss of muscle mass. Atlanta Men’s Clinic helps treat low t using a custom testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) protocol to fit your specific needs.


This condition is part of the bodies natural aging process and typically begins around 40 years old. As males age their body (testicles) begins to produce less testosterone. Weight gain, loss of hair, hot flashes and hair loss are some of the most common symptoms associated with Andropause. TRT can help alleviate these symptoms and have you feeling like yourself again.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is another common condition that’s associated with low testosterone. The inability to keep an erection can ruin your sex life and can also be quite embarrassing. Atlanta Men’s Clinic can help boost your mood and increase your libido using our testosterone replacement therapy program.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction With TRT

Simply put, Erectile Dysfunction is the inability to get and keep an erection during sexual activity. Some of the more common treatment options are oral medications, which help enhance nitric oxide, a naturally occurring chemical in the body. However, Atlanta Men’s Clinic uses testosterone replacement therapy to help treat ED.

If a man has symptoms of low testosterone and tests confirm low levels, he is a probable candidate for TRT treatment. Many men with low t report improved energy levels, sex drive, and mood after receiving testosterone treatment. To learn more about how to increase testosterone levels in older men, please visit our FAQ.

Low Testosterone In Women

Although low testosterone is often associated with men, many are unaware that low t in women is also a very debilitating condition. Women can experience symptoms such as deceased libido, excessive tiredness, and even depression. Some contributing factors to low testosterone can include the natural aging process, certain daily medications, and hypogonadism.

Our clinic can help with the diagnosis and treatment of your low t symptoms using testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). To learn more, please see our section on low testosterone in women or contact our office for more information.


Some of the well known symptoms of dehydration include moodiness, headaches, fatigue, blurred vision, muscle cramps and weakness. The condition can also be caused by something as simple as a long night out, traveling, exercise, or a weak immune system from being sick. Our IV therapies can help restore energy, replenish what the body is lacking, and get you back into balance.


Many patients complain of fatigue and being tired much of the time for various reasons. Much of the time this can be related to low t. However, the air quality you’re subjected to on a daily basis can also lead to some harsh symptoms like tiredness, stress, and headaches. Our medical grade oxygen therapy can help boost your energy levels, lessen depression symptoms, and increase your cognitive function. Additionally, our O2 therapy may help with things such as hangovers, along with anti-aging and detoxifying properties.

Overall Health & Wellness

We strive to improve the health and well being of our patients in a comfortable, professional setting. Our office provides treatment options that are custom suited to each individuals needs. Whether you’re looking to make a change to your overall health and wellness, trying to recuperate from a night out on the town, or are looking to recover from the rigors of training and exercise, our treatments will help restore your vitality.

At Atlanta Men’s Clinic, our goal is to identify the cause of any issues to help you heal and bring your body back to its peak performance.

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