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Why Are There So Many Oxygen Bars Near Me?

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The air is made up of only 21% oxygen, which is usually all our bodies need. When we breathe, our lungs can efficiently absorb oxygen, which then travels through the bloodstream to fuel cellular activity throughout the body. But sometimes the oxygen we take in isn’t enough.

People with certain respiratory conditions, like COPD and pulmonary fibrosis, aren’t able to use all the oxygen they breathe. Even for healthy people, air pollution can prevent you from getting all the oxygen you really require. As traffic increases in urban areas around the US, it becomes more difficult to get enough oxygen to function at our best.

What Does an Oxygen Bar Do?

Oxygen bars and oxygen therapy clinics are places where you can get supplemental oxygen for optimal health. Medical oxygen therapy involves placing tiny tubes in your nose that are connected to an oxygen cylinder. Oxygen flows directly into the tubes to give you an oxygen boost. The amount of time you need to receive oxygen depends on your health. At our clinic, we offer medical grade oxygen that gives you the maximum benefit from each oxygen therapy session.

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Oxygen Bar Effects

Oxygen therapy in Atlanta, Georgia

For people with respiratory conditions, supplemental oxygen is essential for getting enough oxygen to all their organs. Patients with certain conditions require daily oxygen therapy treatments.

Oxygen intake, for optimal performance, can be effected by testosterone levels. Studies have shown testosterone replacement therapy can improve peak oxygen consumption. So many patients find the combination of TRT and oxygen therapy very beneficial.

For healthy people, extra oxygen offered by oxygen bars and oxygen therapy clinics serves as a boost to your system. Supplemental oxygen has numerous benefits like:

  • Increased energy and concentration
  • Enhanced endurance and recovery in sports
  • Stress relief and rejuvenation
  • Alleviating headaches and hangovers

Who Needs Oxygen Therapy?

Athlete Recovery and wellness at Atlanta Men's Clinic Oxygen Bar

Oxygen bars benefit both healthy people and people with specific respiratory illnesses. Athletes and individuals looking to increase their physical performance, output and recovery may see big benefits.

Oxygen may also be prescribed if you are ill with pneumonia or if you experience a severe asthma attack. Patients undergoing  infusion therapy, or IV therapy, can experience improved well-being by receiving supplemental oxygen after their IV therapy session.

Additionally, patients with certain conditions need regular oxygen therapy to stay healthy. Conditions that require ongoing oxygen therapy are:

  • COPD
  • Pulmonary fibrosis
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Sleep apnea

Because polluted air limits the amount of oxygen we can take in when we breathe, oxygen is also highly beneficial for healthy individuals. Pollution in the Atlanta area is a major reason for the rising popularity of oxygen bars in Atlanta.

Does Oxygen Therapy Work?

Whether you can take advantage of the full benefit of oxygen therapy depends on where you go. A recreational oxygen nightclub isn’t the same as a medical clinic when it comes to the protocols followed to bottle oxygen. The only way to ensure that you are getting high concentration oxygen that works is to book your session at a clinic that offers medical grade oxygen.

Are Oxygen Bars Safe?

Oxygen bar in Atlanta, Georgia

Medical grade oxygen production is controlled by strict Food and Drug Administration (FDA) protocols to prevent contamination and assure the correct concentration. As an extra safety measure, oxygen therapy with medical grade oxygen requires a prescription.

At Atlanta Men’s Health Clinic, we use only medical grade oxygen. During your visit, you’ll start with a pre-evaluation with one of our experienced, licensed medical professionals. After receiving the appropriate treatment plan, you can have your first oxygen therapy session during the same visit.

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