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Xiaflex is a groundbreaking treatment option for Peyronie’s disease, a painful condition in which plaques form and cause deformity or curvature in the penis. It was pioneered by Endo Pharmaceuticals in 2019, and Is the first and only US FDA-approved treatment proven to reduce the curvature and plaque of Peyronie’s.

How does Xiaflex work?

Peyronie’s, a condition in which fibrous scar tissue forms inside the penis, causes an uncomfortable and sometimes painful curvature of the penis. Xiaflex works by using an enzyme called collagenase to break down the hardened collagen fibers into smaller pieces that can be more easily broken down and reabsorbed into the body. This allows the tissue to relax, restores blood flow and allows for penile reshaping without surgery.

Xiaflex Treatment

Not only is Xiaflex a safe and effective alternative to traditional surgery, but it also requires less recovery time as well as minimal downtime for activities after injection. The innovative formulation of Xiaflex includes 4 treatment cycles over the course of 24 weeks and are typically spaced at 6 week intervals.

Treatment Cycles

Treatment Cycle (Up to 4)

What to expect during a Xiaflex injection?

The entire injection process typically takes between 10 to 20 minutes. A numbing cream or local anesthetic will be applied beforehand to minimize any discomfort, and the doctor will begin by cleaning the area being treated. Next, we use an ultrasound to ensure accurate placement of the needle before injecting the Xiaflex into one or two areas of the Peyronie’s plaque.

Xiaflex, FDA approved treatment for Peyronie's disease at Atlanta Men's Clinic.

Xiaflex Success Rate For Peyronie’s Disease

How effective is Xiaflex for Peyronie’s?

Xiaflex has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and has been clinically tested as an effective treatment for Peyronie’s disease. All forms of medical treatments for Peyronie’s had generally failed, up until now. However, during clinical trials Xiaflex showed profound results. Xiaflex injections were shown to be highly effective when administered directly into the affected area, with over 80% of patients reporting improvement.

Xiaflex Cost

How much does Xiaflex cost?

The cost of Xiaflex varies depending on your individual diagnosis and insurance coverage. Depending on the severity of a patient’s condition, multiple injections may be necessary in order to see improvement. Commercial health insurance plans may cover some or all of the costs associated with Xiaflex, however not for everyone. For those who are not covered, there is also a co-pay assistance program that can cover up to $1200 of your out-of-pocket costs for each vial of Xiaflex.

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