Look Better. Feel Better. Perform Your Best!
Look Better. Feel Better. Perform Your Best!
Setting A New Standard For Men's Healthcare
Setting A New Standard For Men's Healthcare
Rediscover Your Younger Self
Rediscover Your Younger Self
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Atlanta Men’s Clinic

Atlanta Men’s Clinic are experts in performance and anti-aging. We use testosterone replacement therapy, peptides, and other breakthrough medical treatments to help restore your vitality and maximize performance. Our clinics provide the highest quality hormone replacement, anti-aging and regenerative medicine treatments under expert physician supervision.

We understand that our patients live busy and active lifestyles. Many find it difficult to step away from work, or need to use their lunch break and personal time for appointments. To help accommodate your schedules, we are open Saturday’s from 10am to 2pm. Additionally, for your convenience telemedicine appointments are also available.

We service all of metro Atlanta; midtown Buckhead, and downtown, Gwinnett, Dekalb and Cobb county.

Atlanta Men's Clinic are trained and licensed providers of such trademark regenerative medicine treatments such as the P-Shot and O-Shot.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Our combination of advanced protocols and cutting edge pharmaceuticals allows us to bring the best in testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to Atlanta, GA. At Atlanta Men’s Clinic our goal is have you look and perform your best. Our TRT clinic helps men with their day-to-day performance by restoring the youth and energy they once had. Age gracefully under our physicians expert guidance.  Qualifying for our low testosterone treatment program can help boost energy levels and have you feeling like yourself again.

We provide consultation and treatment for patients suffering from low t. We’re committed to making sure each patient is educated on the process of undergoing testosterone replacement therapy by guiding you through every step. 

Atlanta Men’s Clinic is proud to be reinventing TRT by providing a superior patient experience along with close medical supervision. This helps to ensure you receive the care you deserve. Learn if testosterone replacement therapy is right for you.

The best medical weight loss programs in Atlanta, GA at Atlanta Men's Clinic
The best medical weight loss programs in Atlanta, GA at Atlanta Men's Clinic

Medical Weight Loss

The goal of our program is to help you reach a healthy weight while improving your overall health. All of our weight loss services are overseen by medical professionals, such as physicians, nurse practitioners and registered nurses. They’re there to provide medical supervision and support during your weight loss journey.

Our medical weight loss programs are designed to help you lose weight in a safe, healthy manner and differ from traditional weight loss programs in several ways. There is no one size fits all approach to weight loss which is why we have several treatment options available. All of our medical weight loss programs are customized to your specific goals, and needs.

Medical Weight Loss Programs

Semaglutide medical weight loss program at Atlanta Men's Clinic


The next generation in FDA approved weight loss drugs that produce remarkable, sustained weight loss results.

Tirzepatide medical weight loss program at Atlanta Men's Clinic


A breakthrough prescription drug that delivered up to 22.5% reduction in body weight during recent studies.

HCG weight loss is one of the many weight loss program at Atlanta Men's Clinic


A hormone based drug combined & complete diet plan that burns fat, boost metabolism and optimizes hunger patterns.

Phentermine medical weight loss program at Atlanta Men's Clinic


One of the oldest FDA approved weight loss drugs on the market, combined with a comprehensive weight management plan.

How Treatment Works

Health Analysis

Your first visit consists of a detailed health assessment in addition to lab work so we can measure your hormone levels and other important biomarkers.

Personalized Program

You’ll meet with our provider to discuss your lab results & create a treatment plan. Our programs our personalized with precision to meet your individual goals.

Treatment Process

Weekly visits with same day appointments or prescriptions can be taken home. Fast & effective results. In just a month, you may already notice improvements to your energy, libido, and mood.

Recalibration & Long-Term Health

Routine, comprehensive lab work and your detailed feedback allows us closely monitor your treatment. This personalized approach helps minimize risks and maximize benefits.

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Kaela Peterson
"My boyfriends been going here and he said he absolutely loves this place! 5 Stars!"
Slide 2
Jacmel Rodríguez
"They make you feel like home! And most importantly, my life had changed 180 degrees after I started the treatment !! I Highly recommend Atlanta Men's Clinic."
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Brandon Bachtel
"Friendly staff took extremely good care of me. What can generally be a stressful experience was made pleasant by their warm attitude and casual conversation throughout the visit."
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Andrew Walker
“Atlanta Men’s Clinic is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Within a day of getting my first shot, it was like an extra 50lbs of gravity had left my body.”
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