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Importance of Peak Performance

Rather you are a professional athlete or simply value your health, physical fitness is often paramount to a happy life. However, for some patients, putting in the work is not always enough to achieve optimal results. For those, there is IV hydration therapy.

IV Therapy

IV therapy is not a cure all answer to all problems. However, the therapy can be a great aid to those that feel torn down from overworking their bodies in the gym.

IV hydration therapy is the practice of intravenously introducing water and important nutrients directly into the bloodstream. There are many different proverbial cocktails of nutrient mixtures to alleviate a bevy of different ailments. From hangovers to early cases of the flu, IV hydration therapy can greatly benefit you. In one such case, the procedure can be great for athletes.

Endurance athletes looking to re-hydrate themselves or to boost themselves out of fatigue often turn to IV hydration therapy. There are some concerns when it comes to the treatment, but they are easily circumvented.

As with any IV treatment, the use of a needle introduces a risk of infection and blood clotting. Beyond that, imbalanced levels of nutrients within the saline solution may cause nutrient imbalance. The procedure is consequently performed by medical professionals, safeguarding patients from potential dangers.

For more information on IV therapy or to book an appointment, please contact our clinical staff.

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