Hot Flashes In Men

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Hot flashes are no laughing matter. The condition can leave a person anxious, irritated and nauseous. While the condition is most often found in women. Men can suffer the condition as well. Consequently, we are left with a single question. What causes hot flashes in men?


A hot flash is a sudden intense feeling of heat that affects your face, entire neck region, and upper body, and leads to a cold clammy feeling. Hot flashes can occur six to ten times a day and may persists anywhere from 60 seconds to an entire hour. Hot flashes are more common in women, but men receiving hot flashes is not out of the ordinary. Male hot flashes are caused by a severe testosterone deficiency. The condition is often brought about by andropause, male menopause.


Low testosterone levels can confuse the hypothalamus, causing the brain to believe the body is running too hot. In other words, hot flashes brought upon by andropause are states in which the male body is attempting to over-correct its own temperature. Consequently, the condition can cause night sweats (hot flashes) in men.

Luckily, there is a solution for this condition. Andropause hot flashes can be relieved through bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy. Once the patient has completed comprehensive lab testing concerning the matter, an effective hormone therapy treatment can be identified.

After all, hot flashes are quite treatable. Through testosterone replacement therapy, men no longer have to suffer the debilitating condition.

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