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Atlanta Men's Clinic specializes in the treatment of low t symptoms using customized hormone replacement therapy.

Low testosterone is a tricky thing. Clinically referred to as hypogonadism, the condition occurs when the body is no longer capable of creating healthy levels of the sex hormone testosterone.

Low T

Low testosterone, also known as “low t,” can be the cause of many ailments. While not fatal, the condition can certainly lower one’s quality of life.

Those suffering from low t may experience hair loss, an increase in body fat, a decrease in muscle mass, lower libido, fatigue, erectile dysfunction or even depression. The male body loses an estimate average of 1% of it’s total testosterone level every year after the subject reaches their high 20s to low 30s. As reported by Dr. Mark Porter, every one in ten men over 40 suffer from low testosterone.

That being said, there is a possible solution.

Low t has a series of potential causes. Certain diseases such as diabetes or issues with the pituitary gland may cause the condition. Obesity and a generally high stress lifestyle are also sometimes causes of lower testosterone levels. Physical damage to the testes may even cause the body to no longer be able to properly produce healthy levels of the sex hormone.


Sometimes a proper diet and exercise can be enough to aid one’s testosterone levels. However, a common solution is testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). TRT may be induced through several methods, ranging from monthly injections to biannual pellet implants. However, performed the result is often pleasantry the same for those suffering from low t.

As a safe way to enhance one’s testosterone levels, TRT is often the answer to those suffering from the debilitating condition. With 10% of men over 40 ailed by hypogonadism, it is important for all aging men to consult their doctors about the possibility of beginning TRT treatment.

For for more information on low t treatment, please contact our clinical staff.

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