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Lower Testosterone

Who knew that something as simple and common as Ibuprofen could have such detrimental effects on your testosterone levels?  Ibuprofen is used by millions to treat pain and inflammation for everything from muscle soreness to headaches. However, it looks like it can also be a cause for lower testosterone.


A new study published by the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America in January 2018 showing that Ibuprofen causes compensated hypogonadism by suppressing testicular endocrine function.

“Our study addresses this issue by extending data showing antiandrogen effects of analgesics and suggests that such compounds may be involved in adult male reproductive problems,” the article explained.

“The study shows that ibuprofen use results in selective transcriptional repression of endocrine cells in the human testis.” they continued. “This repression results in the elevation of the stimulatory pituitary hormones, resulting in a state of compensated hypogonadism, a disorder associated with adverse reproductive and physical health disorders.”

Their research showed a link to Ibuprofen and lower testosterone levels, along with other supporting data.

“Our trial showed that ibuprofen use in men led to (i) elevation of LH; (ii) a decreased testosterone/LH ratio and, to a lesser degree, a decreased inhibin B/FSH ratio; and (iii) a reduction in the levels of the Sertoli cell hormone AMH. The decrease in the free testosterone/LH ratio resulted primarily from the increased LH levels, revealing that testicular responsiveness to gonadotropins likely declined during the ibuprofen exposure. Our data from the ex vivo experiments support this notion, indicating that the observed elevation in LH resulted from ibuprofen’s direct antiandrogenic action.”

If something as readily used and available as Ibuprofen can cause Low T in men, it’s an even greater reason to always monitor what you’re putting in your body.  But it also shows why getting your testosterone levels checked is super important.

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