Are your favorite beverages causing low testosterone (low t)?

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Low testosterone is a difficult condition to live with. The burdensome problem can cause a bevy of health factors in the lives of men.

Hair loss, muscle loss, increased body fat, lower libido, erectile dysfunction, fatigue and even depression are all possible side effects of low testosterone, also known as low t. Age is one of the top contributors to the condition.

Low Testosterone

As men increase in age, their chances of experiencing low testosterone also increases. After all, the male body’s ability to naturally produce the sex hormone can rapidly decrease as age extends. That being said, a new study suggests that sugar-sweetened beverages may also have a connection to low t.

An investigation taken with the help of participants in the 2011–2012 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey has determined that there is an association between these beverages and the low serum testosterone levels of men from the ages of 20–39 years within the United States. A total of 545 men from the age group participated in the study.

Participants within the top percentage of sugar-sweetened beverage consumption were found to have a 2.3 factor increase in chances of experiencing low t compared to those in the bottom percentage of the beverage users.

Stated in Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology, investigators claimed the following.“The effects of SSB consumption on testosterone levels in adult males must be considered if primary and secondary hypogonadism have been ruled out as a source of low testosterone and related symptoms.”

A total 59 of the 545 participants in the study suffered from low testosterone.

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