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When it comes to having some truly brilliant podcast guests, Joe Rogan has to be towards the top. He routinely speaks with some of the worlds leading doctors and researchers in the world of science and medicine.

One recent JRE podcast guest was Professor David Sinclair, Ph.D. Sinclair is a professor in the Department of Genetics, and co-Director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging at Harvard Medical School. During his appearance, he educated Joe about the importance of NAD, including it’s role in DNA repair, and anti-aging.

How is Joe Rogan is helping to protect himself during the Coronavirus pandemic?

Joe has been a longtime supporter of regenerative treatments such as testosterone replacement therapy, and stem cell therapy, but finally got to experience the remarkable benefits of NAD therapy.

Sitting at home with the rest of the world. while medical professionals work globally to sort out the COVID-19 pandemic, Rogan said now it’s of utmost importance to make sure his immune system was as strong as possible.

David Sinclair Ph. D amazes Joe Rogan about the benefits of NAD during his JRE guest appearance.

“While this shit’s going down, I want my immune system as tip top Magoo as Joey Diaz would say.” Rogan told guest Bryan Callen on the JRE podcast.


Joe Rogan’s personal experience with NAD IV drips

“Jamie and I were getting NAD IV drips, which is pretty fucking amazing, ” he continued. “That’s the stuff David Sinclair was talking about for anti-aging.  It’s expensive, it cost a pretty penny.”

Rogan and producer Jamie Vernon have just started their treatment, but are already feeling incredible.

When asked by Callen how Joe is feeling after the first few NAD sessions, Joe confidently said, “I’ve done two and I feel pretty good, do you feel any different Jamie?”

“I can say I feel pretty good (during the Coronavirus pandemic) just sitting around inside,” Jamie replied.

Rogan continued, “But it feels like the second one really took it over the top. I have more energy, I feel really vibrant. I feel great.”

The treatment process is multiple sessions, so the verdict is still out for him but he knows science is already backing his initial impressions on NAD therapy.

“But it’s hard to tell, what does that mean? I’m sleeping eight hours a day, I’m staying at home with my family, I’m not traveling on the road. How am I sure this is it? But apparently, scientifically it’s provable. it lengthens your telomeres.”

NAD therapy and anti-aging

He continued, “It actually decreases your biological age. It’s been proven, David Sinclair said, that NAD, HGH, and DHEA, those three things in combination have been shown to reverse your biological age.”

“I’m 100% in belief it’s made a big difference,” said Rogan. “It works, it does something.”

Staying younger isn’t just about aesthetics, although that is one great benefit many seek.

“It’s just one of those things where there’s a few different scientific advances that they can absolutely show that will decrease your biological age and show there’s an increase in your vitality, your ability to recover, all these different things,” he said. “So I’m getting in on all of that.”

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