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Low testosterone, known clinically as hypogonadism, brings with it a bevy of nasty symptoms. That being said, a new study now suggests that low t may also be linked to several chronic diseases.

What Is Low Testosterone?

Low testosterone, also known as low t, occurs when the body is no longer equipped to naturally sustain healthy levels of the sex hormone testosterone. The average male loses one percent of their total testosterone levels every year once they reach their low to mid 30s. Consequently, low t is more often experienced in aging men.

Low testosterone can cause a series of symptoms. Decreased muscle mass, increased body fat, hair loss, fatigue, lower libido, erectile dysfunction and even depression are all potential side effects of low t. Now it would appear that chronic diseases can be added to the list.

Low Testosterone and Chronic Diseases

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey reviewed 2,400 men from 2011-2012. The survey collated information concerning the subjects health, blood worth and testosterone levels.

As first reported within the peer-reviewed medical journal Scientific Reports, researchers from the University of Michigan determined a few things. A total 30.8 percent of the total 2,400 men within the survey were determined to suffer from a deficiency of testosterone. Of the 30.8 percent, more of the patients were older rather than younger men.

It was also determined that 55.2 percent of the individuals suffering from low t also suffered from more than one chronic disease. Meanwhile, only 36.6 percent of those that did not suffer from low t also suffered from multiple chronic diseases.

The study concluded, however, that it can not yet be proven that low testosterone causes chronic illnesses. Rather, there is a correlation between those that suffer from low t and those that suffer from chronic illnesses. In the end, it is still best to consider that low testosterone is no laughing matter.

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