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TRT (Testosterone replacement therapy) can help aid sexual function in older men.

Low testosterone is an often debilitating condition for those that suffer it. From hair loss to erectile dysfunction, men dealing with low t often pay a hefty price. The condition is correlative with age. As males get older, they become more likely of suffering from low t. That being said, it would now appear that there is now also a correlation between low testosterone levels and decreased nightly sleep.

Premal Patel, MD of University of Manitoba recently offered data from her study to Within the study, Patel conducted a study based on a population survey of 5,000 people from the NHANES database.

Decreased Sleep and Low Testosterone Levels

Through a multivariate linear regression, it was discovered that there is a reduction in the total hours slept, an increase in body mass index and an increase in age associated with low testosterone levels. Not getting enough nightly sleep can cause its own debilitating symptoms, including things as severe as depression. That being said, low testosterone can cause many of the same symptoms, leading to a staggering effect of debilitating conditions.

Low T

Patel stressed that the study was unable to determine a relationship of causation between low t and less sleep. However, it was revealed that there appears to be a strong correlation between the two factors.

Without causation, it is impossible to claim that having less sleep will cause one to suffer lower testosterone levels. However, those suffering from sleep deprivation are now seemingly more likely to be within the statistical groups often suffering from low t.

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