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Sleep Apnea testing and treatment in Atlanta, Georgia at Atlanta Men's Clinic

Low testosterone is an often debilitating condition for those burdened by it. Also known as low t, a decline in testosterone is a natural thing with age. As men get older, their bodies become less equipped to naturally produce healthy levels of the sex hormone.

However, the condition is more debilitating for some than others. Symptoms of low t range from hair loss, muscle loss or an increase in body fat to things like fatigue, erectile dysfunction and depression. Now a new study has discovered a relationship between low testosterone and sleep apnea.

According to a study within the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), men with disruptive sleep patterns or sleep apnea tend to suffer from low t. Research has also discovered that most of the body’s testosterone is produced while the subject is undergoing REM sleep, the sleep cycle also known as rapid eye movement.

Consequently, those suffering from sleep disorders are less likely to smoothly and fully experience their REM sleep cycle. The lack of REM sleep may result in lower testosterone levels.

Sleep Apnea & Low Testosterone

Men suffering from low t due to a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea are susceptible to erectile dysfunction, lower libido and impotence. In another study, it was determined that those suffering from low t are also more susceptible to sleep apnea. Leaving sleep apnea untreated may lead to heart attack, Stroke high blood pressure or event death.

In the end, it is extremely important to have your testosterone levels checked as well as consider asking your doctor if you are suffering from sleep apnea if you have issues sleeping. One condition may just worsen the other.

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