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A guide to the ultimate testosterone boosting training regimen.

Why Boost Your Testosterone?

Testosterone is a grandly beneficial sex hormone, especially for men. Best known for helping build muscle mass and bone density, testosterone actually serves to benefit in a bevy of different ways.

Men suffered from low testosterone, or low t, may experience a plethora of nasty side effects. Increased body fat, hair loss and erectile dysfunction are just some of the nasty symptoms. The man will lose an average of 1 percent of their total testosterone levels very year by the time they reach their mid-30’s. With that in mind, there are ways to naturally boost your testosterone levels.

The Three Pillars Of Building Testosterone

While a good diet and healthy sleeping habits can certainly aid in boosting testosterone levels, a proper workout can do wonders for a patient’s levels of the sex hormone. Many studies have determined that there are three key factors to working out when attempting to improve testosterone levels.

As reported by Todd Schroeder, Ph.D., it is important to target large muscle groups, perform high weight repetitions and only take short resting periods. All in all, it is best to use low repetition with high resistance exercises while allowing 1-3 minute resting periods.

Getting To The Details

1. Choose Important Muscle Groups

Testosterone levels can be optimized by with proper training methods.

The workout should have three integral parts, designed to target the largest muscle groups. An upper body pull, upper body push and lower body multi-joint exercise should be implemented to achieve this goal.

2. Maximize Resistance While Maintaining Suggested Repetitions

Resistance training for maximum testosterone levels.

The initial set should entail 8-9 repetitions. For each of the next five sets, it is important to make sure that your weight is not light enough for you to be able to do 8 repetitions. Rather, attempt to get six repetitions on the next sets. Once you are down to five repetitions, begin lessening the weight slightly. However, safely try to keep the weight resistance as high as possible.

3. Give Yourself Proper Time In Between Workouts

Recovery between sets during a hard workout can be crucial for testosterone levels.

Between each exercise, a total 60 seconds of rest should be taken. In between exercises for different muscle groups, a five minute rest should be taken.

4. Follow A Weekly Schedule

Keeping your training on track to keep testosterone levels at their peak.

Three exercises must be performed weekly and a different combination of workouts should be applied with each session.

5. Make Sure To Rest

Rest is crucial to keeping testosterone levels high.

A minimum 48-hours rest is required in between each workout session. The workouts will be taxing on the central nervous system, making longer periods of rest paramount.

6. Just Breath

Testosterone and exercise, why breathing is important

Try to meditate within an hour of having completed a workout. For 12-15 minutes, simply relieve yourself of any distractions by placing yourself in a quiet room and focus on your breathing. This process can decrease the negative neurophysiological effects of an intense workout.

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