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Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can be a wonderfully beneficial procedure for those suffering from hypogonadism. That being said, there are still many misunderstood facts about the treatment. Here are 15 common myths about TRT.

1. TRT Will Give Me Acne

TRT (Testosterone replacement therapy) at Atlanta Men's Clinic

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) will increase the levels of oil in your skin, a great thing for aging skin. However, when it is too much, oily skin can break out. Consequently, our medical professionals will administer the TRT treatments to ensure there is no over-dosage.

2. Testosterone Will Make Me Moody

Testosterone replacement therapy at Atlanta Men's Clinic

Bioidentical testosterone, as used in TRT, may work as a natural ani-depressant. Consequently, many that begin taking TRT report that they find themselves more often in happier moods.

3. TRT Will Make Me Bulk Up Too Much

Atlanta Men's Clinic specializes in TRT (Testosterone replacement therapy)

A therapeutic dose of TRT is not a cause of bulky physique. An amply overzealous dosage of testosterone would be required to affect the patient’s physique. Rather, our clinic will ensure that the proper dosage provides proper results.

4. Testosterone Will Deepen My Voice

Men suffering from low t get treated at Atlanta Men's Clinic using testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

Puberty is an awkward time for many. One of the symptoms many experience is a deepening of the voice. Consequently, some fear that boosting their testosterone levels may cause the same effect. However, once you’ve gone through puberty, you’re voice is as deep as it’s going to get.

5. TRT Will Make Me Lose My Hair

Men suffering from hair loss may get help from testosterone replacement therapy.

Hair loss will not increase alongside with your testosterone levels. Rather, hair loss is caused by a genetic disposition to overly sensitive hair follicles. People suffering from low t often experience hair loss, making TRT a wonderful solution for some that suffer from hair loss.

6. Testosterone Will Increase My Risk Of Heart Attack

TRT may help prevent heart disease

Multiple studies have shown that TRT has the potential to actually help prevent and protect patients from heart disease, prostate cancer and diabetes. Abusers of the testosterone, those that take dangerously high amounts of the substance, are the only users at risk. However, TRT at Atlanta Men’s Clinic is administered under expert supervision  that would never apply beyond the recommended and healthy dosages.

7. The Procedure Is Too Costly

Moat patient believe the cost of testosterone replacement therapy is far outweighed by the benefits

Pellets are often one of the pricier options when it comes to TRT, and quite often are not the most effective choice for treatment. However, there are a range of options that work much better for patients suffering from low t, while also meeting your financial needs.

8. The testosterone injections are painful

Most patients find testosterone injections painless

Like any other shot, soreness is to be expected for a brief period after being treated. However, most patients find the injections to be very minimal in terms of pain and soreness..

9. I Don’t Qualify For Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Am I a candidate for testosterone replacement therapy?

In order to find out if you’re a candidate for testosterone replacement therapy, our clinic will perform a simple blood test to determine your current levels. Based on the lab results, we can then build a custom treatment plan to suit your individual needs.

10. TRT Is Not Safe

TRT is safe and effective when administered by our expert staff at Atlanta Men's Clinic

TRT can pose many health risks when taken in massive doses. People that take testosterone without having low t issues, such as some bodybuilders looking for a faster way to gain muscle, often make this mistake.

When applied by a professional in recommended doses, however, TRT simply maintains healthy levels of testosterone within the body.

11. The Treatment Takes Too Long

TRT injections can be administered quickly with most patients getting in and out in minutes

At Atlanta Men’s Clinic, the injection is hardly a time consuming process. A testosterone shot takes only moments to perform, causing the entire process from entering the clinic to leaving to take as little as 15 minutes.

12. I Can’t Take Injections, Because I’m Already Taking Pellets/Pills/Creams

Patients find that testosterone injections are more effective than using testosterone pellets

Testosterone injections are the best alternatives to the other application methods and patients should only be receiving treatment from one physician at a time. With that said, if one is not quite working for you, TRT injections may be the better solution.

13. I’m A Young Adult, Too Young For TRT

TRT is not just for older men, as low t in younger men is also very real

While Hypogonadism is most common in aging men. The medical condition responsible for low testosterone levels can occur earlier in a man’s life. Testosterone levels decrease naturally over the years. However, acute physical trauma to the testes can cause hypogonadism at a younger age.

14. TRT Will Give Me Prostate Cancer

Recent studies have shown that TRT does not increase the risk of prostate cancer

A study we detailed in an earlier blog also discussed this topic. In addition, the Cancer Network has also claimed that TRT users have a decreased chance of receiving aggressive prostate cancer, while the chances of favorable-risk prostate cancer only marginally increased.

15. I Will Have To Give Myself Shots

Patients with more experience have the option to take their shots home and self inject, however, Atlanta Men's Clinic can administer your injections every week if you're not comfortable doing so

While some experienced TRT patients elect to do their own shots, the treatment is commonly performed by medical specialists within a sterile and professional testosterone clinic. Quick and painless, the therapy is rewarding for people suffering from symptoms of low t with most patients only experiencing minor soreness.

To learn more about testosterone replacement therapy or to book an appointment, please contact our clinical staff.

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