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Testosterone Replacement Therapy Is Not A Shortcut

For those suffering from low testosterone, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can be a boon of an improvement concerning quality of life. Hypogonadism can cause hair loss, increased body fat, muscle loss and depression just to name a few nasty symptoms. TRT, however, can alleviate these issues by artificially balancing the patient’s testosterone hormones back to healthy levels.

As the procedure requires the implementation of the sex hormone, some people have become intrigued by the idea of abusing TRT in order to see greater results in the weight room. Some believe testosterone replacement therapy is a short cut to becoming a successful bodybuilder. This is simply not the case.

TRT is meant for those suffering from low testosterone, as the treatment re-balances the body’s sex hormone levels to improve the health of the patient. By boosting one’s testosterone levels above natural parameters, a patient my experience a bevy of potentially negative symptoms.

TRT For Low Testosterone Bodybuilders

Bodybuilding while on testosterone replacement therapyThat being said, aging men often need a little boost to reach their healthy levels of testosterone. After all, the body loses an average one percent of its total testosterone level every year after the low to mid 30’s.

If you already have healthy levels of the sex hormone, then TRT may not be for you. However those spending time in the gym and finding themselves unable to burn fat or gain muscle may be unable to do so because of low testosterone levels.

Testosterone replacement can help build muscle, improve cardiovascular conditioning, and increase energy levels.  The treatment may help those with low t achieve the results and lifestyle benefits they’ve been looking for.

For those suffering from low t, TRT can make life both in and out of the gym great again.

For more information about testosterone replacement therapy or to book an appointment, please contact our clinical staff.

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