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The warning signs of low testosterone in men under 30 years old.

Low testosterone in younger men

Low testosterone is a debilitating condition. Beyond that, identifying the medical burden in men under 30 can sometimes by a tricky task.

Low testosterone, also known as low t, is clinically referred to as hypogonadism. The condition is defined by the body’s inability to naturally produce healthy levels of the sex hormone testosterone.

While low t is not fatal, the symptoms behind the condition can cause a drastic decrease in quality of life. Those suffering from low testosterone levels may experience hair loss, muscle loss, increase in body fat, lower libido, erectile dysfunction or even depression. Of course, this only labels a few of the potential symptoms behind low t.

Low t is usually experienced by older men. Once a man reaches his high 20’s to low 30’s, the individual will begin experiencing a decrease in his testosterone levels equal to an average of about 1% per year. That being said, some younger men may suffer from the condition as well.

While it is more rare, some young men are diagnosed with low t. Physical trauma to the testes can cause hypogonadism in young adults, as the testes are no longer able to properly function.

Obesity, type II diabetes and pituitary disorders each have the ability to cause low t. Rather younger or older, men suffering from any condition concerning the pituitary gland or the hypothalamus should consider having their testosterone levels checked.

While a decrease in testosterone is a quite natural occurrence in older men, low t in a young adult may be a symptom of a more drastic medical problem. It is always important to discuss your symptoms with a medical physician.

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