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Testosterone Pellets vs Injection can be confusing for some, however Atlanta Men's Clinic uses the highest potency and quality testosterone when treating patients for symptoms of low t.

Dealing with low testosterone can be quite the task. The debilitating condition comes with all sorts of problems.

From hair loss to increased body fat and even the possibility of depression, “low t” is a tough medical burden to bear. While testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is a likely fix for those suffering from the condition, there are different forms of the therapeutic process.

Testosterone Pellets

Testosterone pellets are perhaps less invasive than their injection counterparts. Pellets are small capsules no larger than grains of sand. A pellet or series of pellets are first inserted into the body near the hip.

The body then slowly metabolizes the pellets, allowing the system to receive and steady and natural level of testosterone over a matter of months. A quick and easy procedure, testosterone pellets are often a preference for those that are not capable of making many repeated trips to a medical clinic every week.

However, many patients insist the effectiveness wears off too quickly, so there is another option.

Testosterone Injection

A testosterone injection is exactly as it sounds, just a different method of delivery. The method is fast acting and powerful. However, the potency of injections makes monitoring estrogen and testosterone levels paramount. Through consistent and balanced doses, an injection user may experience swift benefits to their testosterone levels.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

For some, TRT is a godsend. The practice can radically improve the quality of life within patients suffering from low testosterone. While their are different methodologies concerning the therapy, the end result for TRT users is often pleasantly the same.

To learn more about TRT, please contact our clinical staff for a free consultation.

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