Atlanta Men’s Clinic offers treatment for low testosterone (Low T), erectile dysfunction (ED) using TRT at our testosterone replacement therapy clinics. In addition, we also offer other treatments such as NAD+ therapy, IV infusions, and medical oxygen therapy to address other conditions. Our expert staff uses only the most modern approaches and each patient receives customized care to suit their individual needs. Please visit the “book an appointment” tab or feel free to contact us here.

Atlanta Men's Clinic is the pinnacle of testosterone replacement therapy clinics when it comes to treating men with low testosterone (low t).Low Testosterone Treatment

As males age, low testosterone is a common occurrence. A lot of males can lose an average of 1% of their testosterone each year, simply because their normal production is dropping as they age. Additionally, this doesn’t include outside factors that may affect testosterone production. Our testosterone replacement therapy clinics specialize in the latest treatment options for men suffering from low t symptoms.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone replacement therapy (also called TRT), is a class of hormone replacement therapy in which testosterone is replaced. TRT is often prescribed to counter the effects of male hypogonadism, and typically involves the administration of testosterone through injections.

New studies show that patients who received testosterone had a 16 percent lower risk of heart attack. For men at the highest risk, there was a 31 percent reduction in risk of heart attack.

Testosterone can increase bone density, muscle mass, and insulin sensitivity, and males also often report an improvement in mood from TRT. Additionally, many men report an improvement in energy level, sex drive, and quality of erections.

IV Therapy

IV therapy in Atlanta, GA for hangovers, cold and flu symptoms, jet lag from extensive airline travel, and many other ailments. Atlanta Men's Clinic is your local hydration station.Whether it’s a hangover from the night before, or jet lag after a long flight, an IV drip can help restore your energy.  Even for those who feel the cold or flu bug coming on, our IV hydration therapies can get you the immunity boost you’re looking for.  Atlanta Men’s Clinic IV therapies are available now. A list will be added to the website shortly. For for information or to book an appointment, please contact us here.

Medical Oxygen Therapy

Unlike many other “oxygen bars” that use recreational oxygen with aromatic solutions, our clinic uses medical grade oxygen which is 99% or higher and requires a prescription to dispense. Reducing stress, help with hangovers and headaches, increased energy and alertness are just some of the benefits of receiving oxygen therapy. Additionally, many patients use oxygen to help with their allergies and migraines.

Endurance athletes, fighters, and others competing in competitive sports also see the benefits of using oxygen therapy after their workouts. As you breathe in deeply and rapidly during vigorous exercise, your body strives to provide more oxygen to keep you at peak performance. Receiving O2 therapy can help with decreasing recovery time after a hard training session which is vital for competing at a high level.