5 reasons why IV therapy is better than drinking water if you're hungover.

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With summer just around the corner, many people are beginning to plan parties, family gatherings, and company get-to-gethers. Consequently, there are going to be plenty of chances to consume alcohol. For those that take in a little too much, there is the dreaded day after hangover to worry about.

IV drips are becoming more common to aid in recovery.  Some of the most high profile athletes and celebrities have spoken about the effectiveness of replenishing lost fluids and vitamins with an IV.

“Intravenous vitamin C bypasses intestinal absorption and the associated saturable transport mechanisms, ” said Dr. Rhonda Patrick. “Consequently, the bioavailability of vitamin C differs appreciably between oral and intravenous administration. In healthy adults, intravenous administration of vitamin C might reach blood concentrations that are 30 to 70 times higher than the same oral dose.”

UFC commentator Joe Rogan said he became a believer of IV therapy when introduced to it by fellow comedian Dave Chappelle.

“I did a bag and a half and was ready to run through a wall, it’s amazing.” said Rogan on his podcast.

With that said, here are five reasons IV therapy can help those recover quicker and more efficiently.

IV Therapy Works Faster Than Drinking Water

One of the most immediate symptoms of a hangover is dehydration. It’s a nasty condition to suffer, but common among those that were overzealous with their alcohol none the less.

Most often after a long night of drinking, you may make up feeling parched. Chapped lips, soar throat and a dry mouth are all common symptoms. Consequently, you may be quick to chug as many fluids as you can. However, no matter how fast you drink, water will only enter your system so fast.

Water is absorbed through the lower gastrointestinal tract and can consequently take hours to take effect after consumption. Meanwhile, intravenous hydration therapy can offer a far more immediate solution for those suffering from dehydration.

IV Hydration Therapy Is An Optimal Choice When You’re Nauseous

Another tough symptom of a hangover is suffering a weak stomach. Rather you vomited during the night of drinking or not, the sensation of nausea is often nearly impossible to avoid during a hangover. As a result, it can be hard to motivate yourself to eat or drink anything.

IV hydration therapy is a quick easy fix to this, as the process bypasses the sensitive stomach all together.

IV Hydration Has Electrolytes

Dehydration is more complicated to fix than by simply consuming water. The body requires electrolytes, combinations of substances that are beneficial to recovery. While some sports drinks provide these nutrients, the excessive sugar often found in the beverages can make consumption difficult on the weak stomach people often experience when hung over.

Consequently, an IV session can easily provide the electrolytes you need without the queasy effects of drinkings sports beverages.

IV Fluids Can Add Nutrients Water Can’t

Thanks to IV hydration therapy, you can receive a lot more than the electrolytes and basic fluids that a sports drink can provide. Rather, through the hydration therapy, a patient can have anti-nausea drugs or anti-inflammatory agents added to the mixture.

IV Hydration Therapy Can Boost Athletic Performance

IV therapy can be a quick fix for the initial hangover symptoms. However, when certain substances are added to the mixture, the procedure can have longer term effects on your overall physical performance. Through the therapy, you can experience better recovery from your post-workouts and even leave the clinic feeling fully refreshed and energized.

For more information on IV therapy or to book an appointment, please contact our clinical staff.

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