Low testoserone & insomnia in many patients.

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In men, it’s well known that testosterone is an incredibly important substance. A sex hormone and an anabolic steroid, testosterone plays a significant part in the production of testes and prostate. Of course, testosterone filled many other roles that are paramount to a healthy male body.

Secondary sexual features, such as muscle and bone mass, are also reliant on the sex hormone. Beyond that, the growth of body hair is made possible through testosterone. Perhaps most beneficial, testosterone aids in the well-being and overall health of men by supplementing in day to day energy and overall performance.

However, the body’s ability to natural produce testosterone decreases with age. When testosterone levels fall below normal, a bevy of physical and mental ailments may follow.

Low Testosterone Insomnia

Concerning the use of a population database, no study has yet to be completed on the relationship between low testosterone levels & insomnia. However, a health and nutrition examination survey has been applied to discover some interesting data on low t and sleep cycles.

It has been recorded that low levels of testosterone correlated to decreased sleep, an increase in body mass index and an increase in age. Consequently, the cross-sectional experiment and analysis has discovered a potential relationship between insomnia and low levels of testosterone.

As a result, it is paramount to discuss with patients suffering from low testosterone levels the importance of a healthy lifestyle. A properly balanced diet, sufficient exercise and a full night of sleep are important principles to a healthy life. Through this testing, it has been determined that there is an association between decreased levels of testosterone and inadequate sleep hours.




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